Snow in Alaska? — You’d Be Surprised

Does it snow in Alaska? Of class it does. But the actuality of the snowfall total that Alaska gets may perhaps be far distinctive from the well-liked idea of snow in Alaska.

Many people conceive of Alaska as a barren land where by it snows continuously in massive amounts and where by every person life in igloos. These a idea makes Alaska seem like a chilly and white land.

In actuality Alaska has extra lakes, rivers, and environmentally friendly trees than does any condition in the U.S. The condition is intensely environmentally friendly and loaded a great deal of the yr. But the rainfall overall and the snowfall overall may perhaps be a great deal considerably less than you may perhaps feel.

Alaska Snowfall Totals

Listed here are some regular yearly precipitation and snowfall totals for a cross portion of Alaska.

Anchorage — 15.37″ precip —- 69.” snowfall

Barrow ——- 4.67″ ———– 28.”

Fairbanks —- 10.37″ ———– 68.”

Homer ——- 24.93″ ———– 58.”

Juneau —— 52.86″ ———– 101.”

McGrath —– 16.18″ ———– 93.”

Nome ——– 15.64″ ———– 56.”

Valdez ——- 61.50″ ———– 320.”

By comparison Buffalo, N.Y., gets an regular of 80″ to 100″ of snow for each yr. Some sections of upstate New York, in the same way impacted by their proximity to the Fantastic Lakes, receive an regular of 150″ to 200″ of snowfall annually. Hooker, N.Y., acquired 466″ of snow in the course of the winter of 1976-1977.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, acquired their heaviest seasonal snowfall overall of 98″ in the course of the winter of 1983-1984.

As you can see from the Alaska totals earlier mentioned, most of Alaska is fairly dry, acquiring considerably less that 20″ of precipitation per year. The southcentral and southeastern coastal areas receive far larger precipitation.

Considerably northern Alaska gets precipitation totals common of a desert. Notice Barrow’s yearly overall of only 4.67″ of moisture. Of class, most of that overall falls in the sort of snow. Owing to the ice beneath the soil and the lack of intensive drying sunshine runoff and evaporation are minimum. Which is why northern Alaska is not a dry desert irrespective of the smaller amounts of precipitation.

Alaska Snowfall Information

It’s often attention-grabbing to listen to about extremes and they can definitely be observed in Alaska. For case in point, Thompson Go, a well-liked excessive ski and snowboard location north of Valdez, after acquired a record 974.5″ of snow in the course of the winter of 1952-1953.

Thompson Go recorded 62″ of snow in the course of one one 24 hour period of time in December, 1955. Through February, 1953, Thompson Go acquired a record 297.9″ of snow. Which is virtually 25 ft of snow in just one thirty day period!

The deepest recorded snow pack in Alaska, and the deepest in all of North The usa, transpired at Wolverine Glacier on the Kenai Peninsula in the course of the winter of 1976-1977. The depth was 356″. Which is packed, condensed snow. Almost 30 ft deep!

By comparison, Barrow, in the dry north, acquired a record minimum total of snow in the course of the winter of 1935-1936 of only 3″.

Listed here are a few of other extremes for overall precipitation. Montague Island in 1976 acquired a record 332.29″ of precipitation. Which is virtually an inch of rain for each working day! On the other hand, Barrow acquired only 1.61″ of precipitation in the course of all of 1935.

Alaska merchants an enormous total of new water in its glaciers. An awesome 75% of the world’s new water is held in glaciers globally and Alaska retains extra than its honest share.

Alaska has extra than 5,000 glaciers, masking in excessive of 100,000 square miles. Alaska has extra glaciers than the entire rest of the globe put together, excluding the ice fields of Antarctica and Greenland.

Valdez, the Switzerland of the North

Valdez lies on the southcentral coast of Alaska and gets an regular of about 300″ of snow annually. Ordinarily, there are 6 foot drifts of snow on metropolis rooftops. The canyon a couple of miles north of Valdez is residence to quite a few frozen waterfalls and makes Valdez a globe-class vacation spot for ice climbers.

Thompson Go, further more north of Valdez, features some of the best helicopter accessed excessive snowboarding and snowboarding terrain in all of North The usa. No question Valdez has been named “the Switzerland of the North.”

Every single yr Valdez retains a Winter Carnival. Through the period of time of the 1990 Winter Carnival the year’s snowfall handed the 500″ mark. As portion of the winter celebration the metropolis showed the movie “Back again to the Seaside” on a 20 foot by 18 foot “monitor” which they experienced carved from a snow bank. Speak about an out of doors travel-in theatre!

What is Snow?

Snow is crystalline frozen ice and the measurement and shape of the crystals depend on the temperature of their formation and the total of water vapor current in the course of formation.

Pure snow crystals are hexagonal, six sided. The basic water molecule is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen and varieties a triangle of a few equivalent sides. Through crystallization every new ice crystal bud is fashioned at a 60 diploma angle. Crystallization carries on until eventually 6 of these triangles are full. As the crystal falls as a result of the environment it turns into greater and greater and its six sided structure turns into the framework for extra elaborate snowflakes.

Common varieties of snowflakes include things like stars, needles, flat planes, columns, capped columns, dendrites, and irregular groups. Some snowflakes can be as huge as 1″ in diameter.

For one of the most attention-grabbing human stories about snowflake investigate, think about that of Wilson Bentley. He obtained the nickname, “Snowflake” Bentley due to the fact he was the to start with person to photograph a one snow crystal in 1885. He researched about 5000 snowflakes and declared that no two snowflakes are accurately alike, a quotation that has been handed on from era to era anonymously at any time due to the fact.

In 1931, the yr that Snowflake Bentley died, he revealed a ebook entitled, Snow Crystals. The ebook contained about 2400 of Snowflake Bentley’s visuals.

How Many Eskimo Words Are There For Snow?

It has been said that there are 52 words in the Eskimo, Inuit, or Yupik language for snow. It’s also been said that there are 21 words, and it is also been said that there are about 400. …

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